Look at what Your fellow fitness pro "Joe the Trainer" did to get part of his life back as he asks...

Who Else wants to Discover the Most Potent Advanced Fat Loss System and Cost Effective Way to Set-Up Plus Maintain Your OWN Client Retention, Lead-Generating, Multilevel Revenue Stream, Profit-Generating Fitness Business Website…with Point n' Click Simplicity.

The Ultimate Business Systematization Tool


Fitness Pro Video Trainer is the Answer for any Fitness Professional Looking to Grow Their Business Online, Attract a Well Trained Tribe of New Prospects and Step-Out into your Local  Marketplace as the ONLY  Real  Option as a True well organized Fitness Professional.


Take Your Fitness Business, Your Success and Your Income to a Whole New Level with Fitness Pro Video Trainer! As a fitness professional, you need a really great business website…

You want a business website to clearly represent you as the trusted and reliable fitness professional you are. You want a business website that is incredibly easy to set-up & maintain.

And most importantly… a business website that will help DRIVE new prospects straight to your front door as a result of  the glowing referrals of your current clients.

With Fitness Pro Video Trainer you finally have a powerful, all-in-one solution for all your business website operational system integration needs.

KBL Mastermind Group Vegas 2011

Hello my name is Emile Jarreau, an in the trenches fitness pro just like you. I’ve been in the grinding for over two decades living and working just like you in the field I love. Do I want to achieve more by reaching out to others? Yes. Do I have challenges like you? Yes. So what makes me an authority on the subject I’m about to talk to you about and why in the hell should you listen to me?

Great question! And thats exactly the same conversation going on in your head right now, that I had the very first time I ever read a sales letter or saw a product that would save me from more misery caused by stupid mistakes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect and don’t or can’t say a damn thing about the perfect or best way to do everything…but this training thing? I got this pretty dialed in.

Check this out…when I first started there was No Google, No Facebook, No nada! It was pretty much just a web of people trying to figure the power it had and out what it could be used for. And for me, my skills using the computer were so-so at best. Making my way around just plain day to day, doing simple tasks a grade school kid did in their sleep had me in fits of rage throwing stuff at my computer because “IT” was stupid!

Then one day 2002, after learning a bit more about how to get on the web, I ran into a guy named Ryan Lee and his product at the time…”Personal Trainer University.” I joined and inhaled the information. This exposed me to several current superstars we have today. Bedros Keuilian, Chris McCombs, Craig Ballantyne, Sam Bakhtiar,Vince Delmonte, Alwyn Cosgrove, Patrick Rigsby, Jim Labadie and many others.

Most of my journey has been recently showcased in a series of videos entitled “Joe the Trainer’s Journey” Showing all of the years of struggles and challenges from starting in a small local gym, to my first experience as a big box trainer…then independent and finally a studio owner with 2 boot camp locations and 100’s of clients. Please watch the videos…I’d write it all down here, but thats 20 plus years. Watch the videos, much faster.

My journey has been filled with tons of mistakes and plenty of learning along the way. I don’t actually believe any other type of academic education will prepare you for what your about to learn through the lessons I’m about to teach you. Each environment and experience has taught me invaluable lessons that can be passed along to you without you having to go through all the pain of starting over again each time and worrying if it’ll work out or can you make it.

You WILL make it, I promise.

Here’s the Serious Deal:

Fitness Pro Video Trainer isn’t going to be a good fit for you UNLESS…


  • You’re absolutely sick and tired of being poor-lets face it, having NO MONEY sucks and the only way you’ll make more is to DO and BE the best option locally for fitness training in your market.
  • With you positioning yourself as the number one training company in your community with cutting edge video skills and product or service delivery techniques, people will rave about how professional you are compared to the rest!
  • You’re passionate about helping people and you have dedicate your life to being the best you can be and vowing to not make excuses about not wanting to continue to be # 1 in your market and 100% committed.
  • Most trainers don’t even grow beyond the simple certification they get when they start out or bother to continue to educate themselves by aligning themselves and learning from the industry TOP producers.


In today’s market for fitness trainers, people are getting bombed with this scam product or lame excuse for a training service and customers are getting more and more jaded due to poor results in big box gyms or your local competition dropping prices daily to steal “price sensitive” clients away from you- If your that trainer-Fitness Pro Video Trainer isn’t for you…

Don’t Be That Trainer!


Instead,look at separating yourself from the herd, standing out from the crowd and implementing the success formula inside the Fitness Pro Video Trainer to grow professionally and lightening fast when I share with you…

  • What’s a simple and easy fix for teaching new your admin who, what, when, where and which steps with each new customer are followed in this ultimate tutorial system that you build exactly as you need to ensure all steps are accurately followed the first time- No more countless hours going over and over the same information because they don’t understand it.
  • The A-B-C’s of your training philosophy mapped out for your new training staff to view until your “method” is standard protocol so each and every customer is taught the same system so you trainers around the schedule accordingly.
  • Plus this same session format material can utilized to introduce what the steps are upon starting their fitness program with your company and act as a portal for all “must have” for their eyes only to protect your precious training and nutritional techniques
  • All admin and staff scripts are “Done for you” to maximize the qualification process to help you make sure the right customer is sitting with you during the sales process. All assessment forms with training on what each component on each assessment form actually means to aide you in the final step when qualifying and positioning closing the client.


Here’s what I got:

The Fitness Pro Video Trainer is a complete video tutorial system to teach you how to implement the entire M2 Fitness Pros “Advanced Fat Loss System in a Box” (as it’s explained to a new customer when introduced to their NEW way of life) into your business . A complete description of what their process will be and the steps that you will be taken in month 1-3 of this Advanced Fat  Loss system. These modules and support material can all be duplicated and utilized as a model for you to use or tweak to your own program protocol. The ideal “done-for-you” video tutorial!


Module One: First Steps!

Begin here to establish a baseline in understanding while building your success blueprint for your fitness business. This includes the proper mindset while creating your videos for your offline and online marketing efforts. Done properly, these steps won’t need to be re-done again as you engineer your own success!

  • Discover the common mistakes 9 out of 10 fitness business owners make when attempting the use of video.
  • Learn about the special missing ingredient from most campaigns that you can model after with ease.
  • Uncover the magic steps to chose keyword “goldmine” words that rank your videos high every time!

plus much, much more!

Module Two-Creation of your blueprint

Upon uploading your first video to Youtube you’ll begin to see results from your traffic attraction system strategy.

  • Create your footprint of successful video steps back toward your business site!
  • Establish yourself as your market place authority and the final destination for the BEST solution for them!
  • The crucial Four Youtube skills that are like the roots of a redwood tree

plus much, much more!

Module Three-Creating “Crush it” Videos

Once your baseline skills and tools are in place, creating an assembly line process thats simple and easy to understand-the perfect outsource tip-video creation becomes simple as your

A-B-C’s. But you’ve got to get these pieces of the puzzle in place to maximize exposure.

  • Follow these foot steps for video creation and outsource the rest for pennies!
  • Discover the best software,hardware and other tools that’ll make your videos “pop” plus add life to your business for the long term.
  • Uncover a technique that’ll take you “behind” the camera and achieve the same results!

plus much, much more!

The Fitness Pro Video Trainer Program also includes the  M2 Fitness Pros Advanced Fat Loss System

M2 Module One:

  • Clean House audio series-10 audios describing the steps clients needing to go from “see food” diet through a process of gradual change in preparation for the ultimate physique at M2 Fitness Pros while enroute to the ultimate goal or to compete on TEAM Fox roster-($97 value)
  • Super Cardio, M2’s V.I.I.T cardio protocol for built in recovery, multi tempo and surface conditioning program for MA/X fat loss and compliance (big accountability retention tool)-($97 value)
  • M2 H.I.I.T model and focused results tool video ($97)
  • Naked Commando, M2’s 22 year old boot camp model based on U.S. Navy SEAL TEAM B.U.D.S conditioning program designed for extreme condition and fat loss ebook and video ($97 value)
  • Bonus #1 (6 videos of additional support including 20 ways, Readiness, 3-Day, Social support, Kitchen makeover and visual assessment($397 total value)



M2 Module TWO: Soft Tissue work

  • Multiplaner warm-up(video)
  • Traveling mobility drills(video)
  • Big Four(video)-Typical challenge areas of Hip extensors, hip flexors, Calfs, Hamstrings
  • Big Five(video)-Typical Non-typical areas of neck flexors/extensors, Chest, lats and shoulder, forearms
  • Soft tissue recovery work (7 videos)
  • Sport Yoga tissue recovery (2 videos) ($1197 total value)

M2 Module Three: Resources

  • Workout log benefits the needed “WHY” for the fat loss client (3 part video series)
  • Ft 40 Polar HR monitor tutorial(Bonus)
  • F.I.T.T (video)
  • Pro Grade (rev stream)
  • Advanced Fat Loss webinars (CKD)$197
  • M2 Food System “done for you” (rev stream)
  • Mr. Fat Loss Online Consulting-toolbox ($1997 total value-major rev stream)




Really Big Bonus..learn exact steps to implement with your FAT LOSS program to build your own TEAM Fox group of girls or your client success story files so you CRUSH your local market (6 month coaching VALUE $2400)

Plus these incredibly powerful “Done for You” BONUS business building tools:

For your business-

  • Complete Client Information
  • Medical History Questionaire
  • Initial Performance Assessment
  • Initial Body Composition Assessment
  • Follow-up Performance Assessment
  • Initial Recovery Assessment
  • Interpeting Client Information
  • Limiting Factors and Behaviors
  • Iron-clad, reduced wiggle room contract 🙂
  • Liabilty forms
  • Athletic waiver

Plus a few more unexpected BONUS items!

For your clients-

  • 20 Ways to lose Fat Fast
  • Super foods Checklist
  • Super foods Referral Guide
  • Bi-Weekly Adherence Guide
  • Bi-Weekly Client Report
  • Kitchen Makeover Questionnaire
  • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire
  • Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Chart
  • Readiness for Change Questionnaire
  • Social Support Questionnaire
  • Three-Day Dietary Food Questionnaire
No need to worry. It’s really not your fault.


You are a fitness professional… you have to roll up your sleeves to get the basic understanding of how to utilize a lot of easy to use (If Joe can, you can too!) technical tools in order to become truly successful.

In fact… just handing the controls of your business off to soon to some odd  company can hold you and your business growth back, it will lead to adding hours to your life every week & it can leave you feeling totally unorganized and out of control.

Don’t take it any longer.

I used to get soooo pissed that what I needed done was in the hands of some prima dona graphic designer or programming “expert” that I shelled out tons of money to…then I’d end up having to go chase these guys down to get work completed or lose my cash. What a waste of time!

Don’t be that lazy-” I don’t want to know” or head under rock trainer.


Now there is a complete, all-in-one  solution specifically designed for fitness professionals just like you and me.


-Effortlessly create and maintain your business portal and complete fitness systems operation manual.

-Combine all your customer needs into one seamless system – use simple technology and put it all on auto-pilot.

-Stop wasting your time with programmers, designers and other services that leave you feeling pissed off and angry.

-Free-up tons of time each month so that YOU can focus solely on building your business, training your staff on auto-pilot,developing new products, attracting new clients     building your brand or just spending a little time for your own R & R.



Fitness Pro Video Trainer Provides Fitness Professionals with Complete Control Needed To Eliminate Stress and Grow your offline Business Operational systems


You’ve probably already realized that there are tons of starting points that you can focus on for your fitness business operational design and this list will be never ending.

And these elements aren’t always easy to use or set up… It usually takes years to get everything set-up just right and you usually have to use multiple different services. Wouldn’t your want to have complete control so you or your team could update or add elements when needed?

You might even have the typical website right now but aren’t getting the use you need from it… or are struggling to come up with an easier way to teach staff or clients what they need to know .

You really want a way to  make all of those things easier plus introduce additional revenue streams to each and every client, all the time, right?


But first answer a few questions about where you are with your current fitness business ,OK?


Have you recently opened or plateaued and feel stuck with your first boot camp or fitness studio results?

  • Have you grown so fast your having difficulty keeping up because your wasting $200-300 hr doing $15/hr tasks-that sucks right?
  • Do you need some help organizing the systems you’ve bought or recently added and want to automate most of them by hiring and training your admin fast-right?
  • Next you need to get some other passionate trainers to handle the added work load so you can step back and work more on your business than in it, yes?

Their sometimes a bit green and need some polishing of their skill set, sharpening and BOOM! their ready to go…but most of the time, it’ll take a lot of time ,patience and
effort to get them up to speed.

Here’s success formula solution. Fitness Pro Video Trainer will streamline your daily to do tasks and training so you can immediately have your most expensive time back  and properly positioned the right person, with the right skills, doing what your system requires maximizing your hourly return.

No need to worry. It’s really not your fault

If You Are Ready To Finally become a Real big league fitness professional and Have Your Own dialed in operations systems portal for your business, well trained customers and staff – with lightning fast speed – Then It’s Time To Pull the Trigger NOW!

You have NOTHING holding you back anymore…

It’s time for you to put Fitness Pro Video Trainer solution to work for you!

It’s time for you to start focusing on building your fitness business – and stop wasting time training staff or customers the same thing over, and over again.

It’s time for you to stop paying designers and programmers thousands each month… without getting the results you deserve.

Get Fitness Pro Video Trainer and get in the drivers seat and your hands on the wheel of your own future creating a systematized operations for your fitness business.



Here’s the Deal

  • Fitness Pro Video Trainer and M2 Fitness Pros modules one, two and three- value $3591
  • Typical Franchise fee of M2 Fitness Pros system-value $4997
  • Monthly webinar, $97/month for 12 months with “Who’s Who” in fitness industry-value $1164
  • Online live interactive Advanced Fat Loss Coaching with Mr. Fat Loss, Emile Jarreau- value $3588
  • Fitness Pro Video Trainer total system value=$13,340 total


  • ALL modules and materials, base program
  • Email support
  • Weekly teleseminar coaching
  • No payment options


  • ALL modules, materials
  • Email support
  • “21 Day Accountability” video tools.
  • Weekly teleseminar coaching
  • Facebook Private Group for interactive support within FPVT group
  • Payment options: paid in full SAVES $100 w/split payment $548.50 down and $548.50 due in 30 days

Platinum with VIP–$1,397 $997 

72 Hour Special Offer! $497

  • ALL Modules and Support plus Fan Page Private Group!
  • Plus Interactive Live Advanced Fat Loss Video Coaching with me for 6 Months!
  • Plus Email or Text access to me Personally on my Private cell!
  • Monthly webinar with the “who’s who of fitness pro industry” and the hottest cutting edge strategies that are making cash now-how
  • Daily “21 Day Accountability” action video and plan which is crucial to your system success!
  • Exclusive $$ Million Dollar Rolodex with over Seventy Time Saving, Money Making Resources
  • EZ Payment options :$119.40 down and then  $119.40 every 30 days for 4 months


Platinum VIP (Paid in full SAVE $100)

(5 payments of $119.40-30 days apart)

Now for this limited time until 50 people take me up on this offer…a 5 PAY OPTION of $119.40 will available for 72 hours! After that, it’s gone and the bonus items of personal access to me will gone. Hurry and get this NOW!










Emile Jarreau,CMT

M2 Fitness Pros


P.S. Become the most VISIBLE & PROFITABLE fitness professional you deserve to be! With Fitness Pro Video Trainer you can step-out into the marketplace and dominate…

With a professional website that anyone can find… with Video SEO that makes you highly visible in the search engines… and with lead capture that allows you to build a HUGE list of prospects.

Fitness Pro Video Trainer gives you the power to do it faster, easier and a LOT cheaper than any other service (or services) on the market today.

But best of all… Fitness Pro Video Trainer is geared directly to fitness professionals. We know  this market. We know your competition and we know exactly what you need.


Our  60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee. If at any time within the two MONTHS (!) you aren’t completely head-over-heels, jumping up and down with joy, absolutely thrilled with the System, you can let us know and you’ll get a full refund of your purchase price. This guarantee is very straight forward. No itsy-bitsy,teeny, beeny print.We’re only interested in having extremely satisfied customers.So if you aren’t happy, we’re not happy either.  Please return it and we’ll send you your money back. Period.


P.P.S. You Are 100% Guaranteed! You can join today – and see exactly how dominate you can become in your marketplace – without any worry or any risk.

No other designer, web hosting company or video SEO experts would ever offer a guarantee like this… but Fitness Pro Video Trainer isn’t typical. Fitness Pro Video Trainer  is YOUR solution on a whole, notha’ level.

So join today, completely risk-free, and discover the power of Fitness Pro Video Trainer for yourself.

Platinum VIP (Paid in full SAVE $100)

(5 payments of $119.40-30 days apart)

NOTE: The Fitness Pro Video Trainer  is
a digital product. No physical products will be shipped. After you
order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to view and download the videos, mind maps and
all the PDFs. The video format is MP4.